Instructions: Please complete the following questions to reflect your experience as accurately as possible and to answer factual questions to the best of your knowledge.

Some fields are optional (required fields to submit a report are questions 1, 2, 6, and 10). All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential.
1. In which country is the facility that you were staying when you began to feel unwell in?
2. Which type of facility/event is this?
Facility Name?
3. Are you a guest?
4. What is your age?
Age Group
5. What is your gender?
6. What is your home country?
7. To which countries have you traveled to recently? (within the past 4 weeks)
8. On what date are you making this report?
9. On what date did your symptoms first begin?
(if unsure please estimate)
10. What symptoms did you experience?
≥3 loose or watery stools in past 24 hours?
Vomiting and/or Nausea?
≥3 vomiting episodes in past 24 hours?
Fever? (sudden onset of fever >38.0◦C or 100.4◦C)
Cough or Sore Throat?
Bleeding? (gums, nose, blood pooling under skin coughing, stool) not due to physical trauma
Joint or Muscle Pains?
Eye Pain/Headache/Facial Pain?
Generalized Rash?
Blurred Vision or Convulsions or Altered Consciousness?
11. Are there any additional notes about your symptoms, where you sought care, potential places/sources of exposure, or any other details about your illness that you would like to share?
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